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Photo by rramirez125/iStock / Getty Images


Keenan Byers Associates (KBA) is a San Francisco based recruiting firm focused exclusively on professional administrative roles.



KBA's strength lies in focusing exclusively on Administrative Professionals.  This focus, combined with successful backgrounds in both Executive Support and Recruiting, gives KBA a tremendous advantage by drawing on first-hand knowledge and relevant work experience.


KBA is a relationship driven firm and believes that strong relationships are key to understanding the best interests of the client and the candidate.  Creating strong relationships on both sides helps to ensure successful placements and partnerships.  


KBA distinguishes itself as a thorough and specific search firm, actively identifying and recruiting top-level talent.  After obtaining a full understanding of a position, KBA targets and recruits candidates specific to industry, background, experience, skills and education, presenting only the most qualified candidates.


The Founder's previous career as a Chief of Staff in executive search as well as her extensive network gained in the search community are valuable assets toward identifying strong talent.